Cones in your Zone this month

Cones in your Zone this month
  • Several projects have made substantial progress. Check out our latest photos.
  • Please avoid driving through the center of campus during prime class time hours to accommodate pedestrians and the T bus system.

Zone Community News

Zone Community News
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    • Student Union Pedestrian Bridge
    • Pat Summitt Plaza
    • New Residence Hall & Parking Garage
    • Sorority Village
    • What Is Cone Zone?
Cone Zone is designed to help students, faculty, staff, and visitors navigate our campus—through this website and signs around campus—as construction projects continue to transform our landscape. We're launching Cone Zone with the largest building project in UT's history: the new Student Union. Because of its major impact on campus, most Cone Zone-related communications will relate to the Student Union, but we'll address other construction projects and road closures, as well. Stay tuned and stay safe!
    • Cone Zone Map
    • Student Union Construction
    • Strong Hall
    • JIAM and Cherokee Farm
    • Fred D. Brown Residence Hall
    The Cone Zone Vision

    A key element to moving UT from a Top 50 public research university to the ranks of the Top 25 involves having campus facilities that support first-rate academic and research programs. Improving our buildings and campus infrastructure is critical to reaching our full potential and becoming a Top 25 research university.

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