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Campus Visitors


Visitor parking is located in the Volunteer Hall garage, 1545 White Avenue between 16th Street and James Agee Street. Take Cumberland Avenue to 16th Street and then White Avenue and make a left-hand turn into the garage to access the P1 entry.

Short-term visitor parking is also available at Circle Park, off Volunteer Boulevard. A short-term parking permit is required from the booth attendant.


Look for signs indicating pedestrian pathways posted throughout campus. Please avoid seeking shortcuts and do not enter construction sites.

The Student Union construction project has limited access from Volunteer Boulevard to the Hill and areas east of Neyland Stadium.

A pedestrian pathway runs from Volunteer Boulevard to Phillip Fulmer Way along the Haslam Business Building. This path provides access to the Hill and Neyland Stadium.

If you are traveling from the west to points north of the Hill or north of Cumberland Avenue, please walk north along Melrose Place, then east between Hodges Library and the Tyson House, cross Volunteer Boulevard north of the Haslam Business Building, then north to Cumberland Avenue, then east toward the University Center.

A section of sidewalk along Andy Holt Avenue between Melrose Place and Pat Head Summitt Street is closed for construction of the Fred D. Brown Residence Hall. Please cross Andy Holt Avenue to reach sidewalks on the south side of the street.


Please avoid driving through the center of campus during prime class time hours to accommodate pedestrians and the T bus system.

A section of Phillip Fulmer Way between Cumberland Avenue and Middle Way Drive is closed until summer 2014 for construction of a pedestrian bridge connecting the new Student Union with the Hill.

One lane of Andy Holt Avenue just west of the pedestrian walkway is closed as part of the Fred D. Brown Residence Hall construction on Melrose Avenue, but along this section of road, the sidewalk is open only on the south side. The remaining lane is one way westbound.