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Completed Projects

Student Union Phase I

Student Union

The Student Union replaces the University Center, which was built in 1952 and then expanded and remodeled in 1967.

The project is funded through existing student and user fees, and the facility will be at least 50 percent larger than the previous structure.

The Student Union will enhance services for our students and the entire community through a larger auditorium/performance venue; additional program, conference, and meeting space; a much larger ballroom for larger events and banquets; a new and expanded book and technology store; and more dining options.


  • The Student Union will celebrate UT history and traditions
  • The facility is being designed and constructed for LEED building standards
  • A 50,000-square-foot bookstore (compared to the University Center’s 33,260-square-foot store)
  • Approximately eight dining establishments and more than 1,000 seats (compared to the University Center’s 460 seats)
  • A 10,000-square-foot, 1,000-seat auditorium (compared to the University Center’s 5,396-square-foot, 532-seat auditorium)
  • A 12,000-square-foot ballroom with the capacity to seat 800 for banquets and 1,200 for lectures (compared to the University Center’s 3,942-square-foot-ballroom that can seat 300 to 450 people for a banquet)
  • Center for Career Development
  • VolCard Office
  • Student Government Association office space
  • Additional space for other student organizations

Project Phases

Phase One

The first phase opened in June 2015. It includes five stories that house a new book and technology store, extensive dining and seating, and space for the Center for Career Development and other offices.

The old University Center garage, the Temple Court and Aconda Court buildings, the former Student Counseling Center, and a building at 812 Volunteer Boulevard were demolished to accommodate the construction.

Phase Two

Phase two is underway. When completed, it will include a large auditorium/performance venue, a large ballroom for events and banquets, additional dining areas, a student recreation area, the Vol Card office, UT Federal Credit Union, lounges, and additional program, conference, and meeting space. It also will extend the building’s footprint westward toward Volunteer Boulevard.

The new Student Union, which will be at least 50 percent larger than the current University Center, should be completed in spring 2019.

Phase One

March 2012
  • University Center’s “Money Wall” outdoor ATMs close.
  • Andy Holt Avenue permanently closes between Volunteer Boulevard and Phillip Fulmer Way.
  • University Center parking garage closes and demolition begins.
  • Two of three pedestrian bridges connecting the University Center Plaza with The Hill and Stokely Management Center close.
April 2012

Approximately fifty parking spaces on the north end of the Staff 9 lot close as part of the construction.

May 2012

The final pedestrian bridge connecting the University Center Plaza with The Hill and Stokely Management Center closes.

October 2012

Construction fencing is installed along a portion of Volunteer Boulevard at Cumberland Avenue to prepare for the demolition of the former Counseling Center, Aconda Court, Temple Court, and 812 Volunteer Boulevard.

December 2012

Demolition begins on the former Counseling Center, Aconda Court, Temple Court, and 812 Volunteer Boulevard.

Phillip Fulmer Way from Cumberland Avenue to Middle Drive closes for construction of a pedestrian bridge that will connect the Hill with the new Student Union.

August 2014

The new pedestrian bridge, which spans Phillip Fulmer Way and restores a key link to the Hill, opens to the public. The bridge connects the Haslam Business Building, Volunteer Boulevard, and the Joe Johnson–John Ward Pedestrian Walkway to the Hill. On the east side of the bridge, the steps and landscape have been redone, and access to the top of the Hill has been improved by a pedestrian path through the nearby Austin Peay building.

Work begins to extend the landscaping adjacent to the Claxton Education Building—called Blueberry Falls—to integrate with new outdoor space planned for the Student Union. Blueberry Falls also will add a new direct pedestrian route from Volunteer Boulevard to Phillip Fulmer Way. The extension will feature a water cascade along the length of the greenway, new seating and designated bike parking.

June 2015

Phase One, including a new bookstore, dining facilities, the Center for Career Development, and other office space, is completed and opened to the public. The first phase also includes a new landscaped outdoor plaza that connects the Pedestrian Mall and the Haslam Business Building to The Hill.

July 2015

Phase Two begins with demolition of the old University Center building. When completed, Phase Two will include a large auditorium/performance venue, a large ballroom for events and banquets, additional dining areas, a student recreation area, the Vol Card office, UT Federal Credit Union, lounges, and additional program, conference, and meeting space.

Ken and Blaire Mossman Building

B-10-40684-1-mossman-v2-300x200Construction continues on this building on Cumberland Avenue and Thirteenth Street. When completed in 2018, it will house portions of microbiology, biochemistry, cellular and molecular biology, psychology, and nutrition, along with lab space and classrooms.

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New Lake Avenue Parking Garage

dia.localuserdatafolder_redirectionoyarbroughDocuments140A new parking garage will be located adjacent to the existing garage at 1818 Lake Avenue. This new facility will be designed for approximately 1,000 parking spaces on eight levels. The garage will include parking for commuter students, employees, and special events. The project also includes cosmetic and maintenance upgrades to the existing parking garage. The project is set to finish in August 2018.

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Thompson-Boling Arena Reroofing Project


Work continues on replacement of the original roof of Thompson-Boling Arena and other exterior repairs. The reroofing portion of the project includes the installation of new metal panels, gutters and roof drains. Exterior ramps will be renovated with surface and underside repairs. All construction is scheduled around planned events at the arena.

Tom Black Track at LaPorte Stadium

01-40673-1-tom-black-track-300x200A multi-faceted improvement project continues at this facility, which is closed until the project is completed in late 2016. The project includes a reconfigured infield, new irrigation and site drainage systems, resurfacing of the track, and power and data improvements. The project addresses the age of the track and its drainage system, optimizes the organization of the infield for performance and safety, and improves the technology of timing devices.

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Volunteer Boulevard Phase II

The section of Volunteer Boulevard from Pat Head Summitt Street to Peyton Manning Pass/Circle Park Drive was closed while the second phase of the three phase project to beautify Volunteer Boulevard was completed. Construction began in May and was completed fall 2017. The landscape improvement portion of the project was completed in January 2018. Improved sidewalks and new accent crosswalks with concrete pavers were installed throughout the project section.

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Sophronia Strong Hall

A-37-40684-1-strong-hall-300x200Work has been completed at Strong Hall, the highly visible classroom and office building on Cumberland Avenue at Sixteenth Street. The building’s laboratories and classrooms opened in May 2017. For the summer 2017 semester, offices, research labs, and two large lecture halls opened for the departments of anthropology, biology, chemistry, and earth and planetary sciences.

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Cumberland Avenue Corridor

cumberland-avenue-corridorThis City of Knoxville project is redesigning Cumberland Avenue from Alcoa Highway east to Seventeenth Street, changing the existing four-lane street to three lanes with a raised median and left-turn lanes at intersections. Sidewalks will be widened and landscaped, and utilities buried, to create a more attractive, pedestrian-friendly corridor. The first phase, from Alcoa Highway to Twenty-Second Street, was completed in December 2015. The second phase, from Twenty-Second Street to just east of Seventeenth Street, is scheduled for completion in August 2017.

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Stokely Family Residence Hall


The Stokely Family Residence Hall opened January 9, 2017 at Volunteer and Lake Loudoun boulevards and added housing for 684 students. The residence hall’s new dining area, which is open for use by the entire campus community, has a seating capacity of 750 and features the fresh food concept, where all food is prepared made to order in front of the customer.

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Volunteer Boulevard Streetscape


A section of Volunteer Boulevard from UT Drive to Pat Head Summitt Street was improved over the summer as part of a three-phase project to beautify Volunteer Boulevard. The road opened in August but work continues on the installation of new lighting and traffic lights, pedestrian crossings, and tables and chairs. The project also will strengthen the wireless internet connectivity in the area.

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Estabrook Road Streetscape Improvements


The streetscape project has improved the overall appearance of the eastern edge of campus. The road and sidewalk have reopened with upgraded lighting, site furnishings, and improved internet connectivity in the area. The project was completed in October 2016.

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Orange & White Halls


Two new residence halls, Orange Hall and White Hall, are the first new buildings in the university’s west end residence hall redevelopment plan. White Hall opened before the start of classes for the fall 2016 semester, and Orange Hall will opened in September. White Hall houses 296 students and Orange Hall houses 378 students. The buildings share a common courtyard.

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Facilities Services Building


An industrial complex on Sutherland Avenue is the new home for the UT Facilities Services department. The 91,000-square-foot building repurposed a 1908 marble and precast factory to house offices, warehouse space, and workshop space for more than 200 workers from all divisions of campus facilities. The facility opened in August 2016.

New Volunteer Boulevard Parking Garage

A new parking garage opened in August 2016 on Volunteer Boulevard, just west of the Stokely Family Residence Hall. The six-level garage provides around 800 new parking spots for commuter students and 200 parking spots for faculty and staff, and features technology that provides real-time updates of vacant parking spaces.

Steam Plant Conversion

Work was completed in summer 2016 on this project to convert the university’s steam plant from coal to natural gas. The central steam plant serves the Knoxville and agricultural campuses and generates steam for more than 150 buildings.

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Joint Institute for Advanced Materials (JIAM)


The new home of the Joint Institute for Advanced Materials, a multidisciplinary team of scientists from UT Knoxville and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, is located at the Cherokee Farm Innovation Campus located south of the Tennessee River. Cherokee Farm is a joint project of ORNL and the University of Tennessee System that eventually will support sixteen research-oriented building sites.

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Campus Greenway Detours

The Knoxville Utilities Board and its contractor completed work on sections of the Neyland Greenway and the Third Creek Greenway in early October 2015, following upgrades to the area’s natural gas distribution system. Although the greenways have reopened, construction crews may continue to be present in the area.

Circle Park and Torchbearer Plaza

torchbearer-plaza-2015-08-02Work finished in September 2015 on a renovation of Circle Park and Torchbearer Plaza. The park features new sidewalks, trees, landscaping, sod, and irrigation systems. The rebuilt plaza includes streetscaping elements such as benches, trash receptacles, trees along Volunteer Boulevard, a new accessible path from the plaza to Circle Park, and new retaining walls to match the current campus standard. The famed Torchbearer statue’s natural-gas-powered torch was extinguished for safety reasons during construction, then relit upon completion of the project.

Eleventh Street Bridge Maintenance

11th-street-bridgeThe pedestrian bridge connecting the Eleventh Street Garage to the Hill was closed during summer 2015 for rust removal and repainting. During the work, lanes of Cumberland Avenue beneath the bridge were shifted to accommodate the project. Work crews also removed rust stains from the bricks beneath the bridge. The project finished in August 2015.

Engineering Quad

eng-quad-2015-08-20-600This project provided an open, collaborative space for the College of Engineering. The new plaza on Middle Drive features benches, tables, and bike hoops and preserve the area’s existing trees. A staircase connects the plaza with Estabrook Road. The Engineering Quad project finished in fall 2015.

Henson Hall

henson-hallHenson Hall, home to the College of Social Work, received upgrades to classrooms, additional student lounge space, study spaces, a computer lab, and new audio-video technology. Wireless Internet connectivity also was improved in the building. The project finished in July 2015.

Humanities and Social Sciences Classroom Renovation

Nine existing classrooms in the Humanities and Social Sciences building received upgrades. This was the final phase of the HSS classroom renovation that started in 2013. The classrooms are equipped with more modern audiovisual equipment, furnishings, paint, and carpet. A large lecture hall was converted into three smaller classrooms, and the building’s stairwells and corridor will be upgraded. An expanded retail area and family-friendly and gender-neutral bathrooms were added. The project was completed in July 2015.

Perkins Hall Classroom Renovation

Perkins Hall is the new home for the College of Engineering’s ENGAGE and Honors Freshman Engineering programs. Existing classroom space was renovated, new classrooms and student lab space were created, and fire alarm and safety systems were upgraded. The building also houses the college’s advising, diversity, and international programs, and its Office of Professional Practice. The project was completed in July 2015.

Blueberry Falls Extension

blueberry-falls-20150430The Claxton Education Complex’s Blueberry Falls area was extended into a greenway along the south face of the new Student Union, allowing a direct route from Volunteer Boulevard along the Staff 9 lot to Phillip Fulmer Way. The Blueberry Falls extension features a water cascade along the length of the greenway. The extension also includes new lighting, seating, bicycle parking, and rich landscaping. The greenway opened in June 2015.

New Student Union

student-union-2015-08-06The first phase of the new Student Union opened in June 2015. It includes a new book and technology store, extensive dining and seating, the Center for Career Development, and other office space. When the second phase is completed, it will include a large auditorium/performance venue, a large ballroom for events and banquets, additional dining areas, a student recreation area, the Vol Card office, UT Federal Credit Union, lounges, and additional program, conference, and meeting space. It also will extend the building’s footprint westward toward Volunteer Boulevard.

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Austin Peay

austin-peay-april-2015Approximately 6,500 square feet of space on the second floor were renovated and will be used as clinic laboratory space and a conference room for the Department of Psychology. The project was completed in May 2015.

Eleventh Street Garage

11thGarage-Solar-ArrayThe installation of an electrical charging station on the roof of the garage was completed in May 2015. The project brought the total number of charging spots on campus to seventeen and the total number of chargers to nineteen. Chargers are also located in the Staff 23 lot at Pat Head Summitt Street and Volunteer Boulevard, and on the UT Institute for Agriculture campus.

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Ayres Hall and The Hill

the-hill-20150430Improvements to the Cumberland Avenue side of Ayres Hall and a primary pedestrian pathway to the Hill were completed in April 2015.

Dougherty Engineering Building

doughertyThe university upgraded this building to improve safety and provide a series of modern instructional and research laboratories. The work was completed in April 2015. Projects funded by the National Science Foundation, Eastman Chemical, and the university have provided research and instructional laboratories throughout the building.

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Improvements to Lake Loudoun Boulevard and Neyland Drive

lake-loudoun-landscaping-2015-04New landscaping now greets campus visitors entering Lake Loudoun Boulevard from Neyland Drive. The railroad cars have been moved and sod, shrubs, and trees have been planted behind the low wall at the corner of Lake Loudoun Boulevard and Chamique Holdsclaw Drive. The project was completed in March 2015.

Hopecote Roof Repairs

hopecoteThis project was completed in January 2015. UT’s historic guest house on Melrose Avenue underwent upgrades including removal of the home’s hail-damaged slate-tile roof, repair of the structure underneath, and installation of new water and ice-resistant roofing layers and new gutters and downspouts.

Joan Cronan Volleyball Center

cronanThis project was completed in October 2014. The facility is the new home of the university’s volleyball team, and is named after Cronan, who spent three decades working for UT Athletics. Features include three practice courts, a team locker room, a film room, meeting spaces, and offices and locker rooms for coaches. The center is adjacent to the Regal Soccer Stadium on Stephenson Drive.

Cumberland Avenue Building

17thstThis project was completed in September 2014. The building features nearly 17,000 square feet of retail space at the corner of Cumberland Avenue and Seventeenth Street. The space houses a two-story VolShop retail merchandising area, Aramark food vendors, public seating, restroom facilities, and utility and maintenance service.

Fred D. Brown Jr. Residence Hall

fred-brownThe Fred D. Brown Jr. Residence Hall became home to almost 700 students starting August 2014. The building is named for Brown, a longtime staff member who created the Office of Diversity Programs in the College of Engineering. Brown’s work has had a significant impact on increasing diversity in the engineering profession.

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Sorority Village

sororityConstruction was completed in August 2014 on Sorority Village, located on Morgan Hill on the west end of campus. The houses range from 9,000 to 17,000 square feet. They are funded by private donations and rent fees paid by chapter residents. The thirteen houses are occupied by Alpha Chi Omega, Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Chi Omega, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Zeta, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Kappa, and Zeta Tau Alpha. The Sorority Village Center administrative building, which opened in fall 2013, is also part of the complex and houses administrative offices, meeting space, and a designated space for Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority. The university broke ground on Sorority Village in 2011, and houses began opening in fall 2012.

Staff 9 Lot Renovation

Lot 9Renovation of the Staff 9 lot west of Neyland Stadium was completed in August 2014. The lot was leveled out, repaved, and restriped, and new lighting and trees were placed. Workers also added a new retaining wall and sidewalk on the east side of the lot facing Phillip Fulmer Way.

Lake Loudoun Boulevard Streetscape and Pat Summitt Plaza

loudoun112213The Lake Loudoun Boulevard Streetscape project was completed in November 2013, with new sidewalks, brick retaining walls, and new landscaping. The project’s anchor is the Pat Summitt Plaza, which features a statue honoring the legendary basketball coach.

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Equine and Farm Animal Hospitals

equine050313Renovation and expansion of the Equine and Farm Animal Hospital at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center was completed in September 2013. The project involved more than 85,000 square feet of new and renovated space for an intensive care unit, animal surgery suites, treatment rooms, and rehab equipment.

John D. Tickle Engineering Building

tickle082013This facility opened in August 2013. It includes classrooms, seminar rooms, laboratories, a lecture theatre, and a pedestrian footbridge that improves access to The Hill from Neyland Drive. The building is the home of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering.

Natalie L. Haslam Music Center

music050313The School of Music’s new home opened in August 2013. The modern glass façade and primary entrance are designed to maximize natural light and reduce energy costs. The green and clear glass patterns celebrate music. If you look closely, variations in the glass appear to be musical notes.

In September 2014, the music center received the merit award for new construction by the Tennessee chapter of the American Institute of Architects for its highly technical design built with limited funding. An out-of-state jury reviewed the building and granted it the award for its handsome interiors, detailed spaces, and natural light.

RecSports Complex (Sutherland Avenue)

intramural052113The RecSports complex on Sutherland Avenue opened in August 2013. It features ten multi-use fields that accommodate UT’s student intramural program.